"Grand" opening!


We open 1st of May 2023, which is probably today, or a few days ago if you're reading this.

We expect the launch to go a little less smooth than standard operations, and we ask for your understanding and patience - the lead times may be a bit higher, delivery is a bit rough, but we'll keep you updated best we can!

For the initial opening we'll allow backorders- if we don't have stock you can still purchase, increasing the lead times, but preventing disappointment.

Additionally we will not (yet) offer customization and custom orders.
These orders are always manual and will take up a lot of time - not great for the launch!

Instead we will gradually expand the store when we have a new product or product line. There is a lot planned so please sign up for the newstletter and stay tuned!

We appreciate your support!


Please enjoy a 25% discount during the first opening week with code `WELCOME25`!

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