Most of our materials are sourced locally from small businesses.

Our wood is purchased from a company that helps young adults with autism getting used to a job and other responsibilities.
While the wood may not be as perfect as a lumberyard, we believe helping these people is the right choice.
Our Birch and Poplar wood is sourced here.
Clean this wood with a dry cloth or brush. Do not moisten.

Plexiglas/Perspex is bought cheaply in sheets and cut to fit your design.
As this is a factory product there's no great difference in source other than price.
Clean this however you wish but be modest (or leave out completely) anything solvent-based, like alcohol.

Leather in our products is purchased locally as well. Depending on your preference the leather is either naturally worked and sourced ethically, or PU faux leather.
Natural leather has a more natural feel but may not fit into your lifestyle.
PU leather has more options in terms of machining and colouring but may feel fake.

Clean with leather cleaning products.