Handmade quality

All our products are in-house handmade.

While we keep a keen eye during our quality assessment, it may happen your item arrives with imperfections.

To help your expectations we have a few examples here to show what will and won't pass our quality assurance.


Problem: slight incomplete cuts.
Reason: small imperfections in the wood / stronger grain.
QC: pass, after cleanup

Problem: uneven colouring after engraving
Reason: wood is organic and so is its reaction to the engraving process.
QC: pass

Problem: very visible grain highlight
Reason: wood has imperfections
QC: pass
Additional: we try to minimize impact of imperfections and try to have a good layout of our designs on a wood plate, but sometimes its simply impossible to work around without wasting a large part of the wood.
If even surface is critical to you, please let us know in the comment field during ordering.

Problem: design/programming error leading to bad results.
Reason: bad luck
QC: fail

Problem: glue stains/residue
Reason: glue.
QC: pass
Additional: we'll try our best to reduce stains to a minimum. Sometimes the stains are only apparent after drying. We'd waste the entire product to fix this.
If it's really bad it'll fail QC. Best judgement based.

Problem: incomplete cut.
Reason: focus or power issue, warped wood
QC: fail
Additional: if product is usable (like this fridge magnet) we'll repurpose the products or discount them heavily.