Frequently asked questions

Q: Will you process this specific material?
A: If our machines and tools allow it, we're always open for discussion.

Q: Can you fulfill big orders?
A: Depend on the scale. Wedding invitation fridge magnets for example are small enough to let us create potentially hundreds per day. If you need an entire photo album engraved it may take some time.

Q: Are there limitations I should consider for my custom job?
A: Of course. Our laser has a 40cmx40cm hard limit and cannot cut metal.
Other limitations depends on our job, please feel free to send an email with your request!

Q: Are you available for a partnership?
A: We believe there is always a way to achieve synergy and would be happy to discuss with you!

Q: My question isn't listed.
A: This isn't a question but you can always reach out to us if you have any doubts.